A season-ending tournament will determine the Ladder Champion for the year!!   Stay tuned for details.



  • Once a match is completed, report the score by visiting the appropriate page:  Men  |   Women
  • A player challenging and defeating a higher-ranked player will take that player's position. The defeated player will move to the following position. If a challenging player loses, no one's position changes.  
  • Matches are best two of three tiebreak sets. Unless both players agree to play a full third set, please play a match tiebreak (first to 10 points, win by 2) if players split the first two sets.
  • If a player is injured during play such that they cannot continue, they are to retire from the match. (The opposing player may allow for a reschedule of the remainder of the match, but this is not recommended.)
  • If a match is interrupted by weather or other circumstances, it is up to the players to schedule the remainder of the match.


  • When challenging another player, please:
    • Consider suggesting multiple options for day, time, and / or location.
    • Provide your contact info.
  • There are no rules restricting where matches can take place, but please be reasonable in your requests and expectations.
  • Do your best to entertain challenges made to your position. We're all here to play.
  • Please keep sportsmanship a high priority. If matters arise during the match that cannot be resolved, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help. 

Other Info

  • Before the ladder begins its first season, players will be ranked based on the skill and / or USTA rating they have provided and their USTA results from 2013, if any. For players joining after the season has started, ranking will be determined at our discretion. Once the season has started, no one can join the ladder at the #1 position.
  • These initial rankings are not meant to hold a great deal of meaning. The results of ladder challenges are expected to establish the "true rankings."
  •  Join the West Chester Ladder Facebook group...share results, stories, or trash talk (keep it civil)!

Rules and INFO